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Roller bearing technology


Depending on the application, our rolling bearings can be equipped with different sealing systems. Seals are necessary in the protection of bearings when compressed with dust, dirt, water spray or other media and guarantee their good function over the entire service life. Both, the type of seal and the selection of materials whose construction for long-lasting protection against invading media and leakage are essential.
The following sealing systems are common:

Z =
single-sided sheet metal cover plate gap seals
ZZ =
as above, on both sides
single-sided, polished rubber seal
2RSR =
as above, on both sides
RZ =
single-sided, non-contact rubber seal
2RZ =
as above, on both sides
fundamental principle of the sealing point
Principle of a sealing point
steel shield
Sheet metal cover sheet
RSR seal
RZ seal

Under extremely demanding operations, our sealing systems can be supplemented by additional labyrinth sealing elements which greatly enhance the sealing effect. These labyrinth seals impede the path dirt particles and moisture take to get into the bearings.

labyrinth seal
Labyrinth system
steel washer with lamellar ring
Steel cover plate with lamellar ring

In addition to our standard sealing systems we can offer a variety of proven special sealing systems. We'll gladly advise when it comes to selecting a suitable sealing system for your individual application.

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