Bicycle bottom bracket with optimized sealing system


High-quality bicycles for globetrotters and sports enthusiasts should, above all, function and be resistant to the adverse conditions of the driving route and environmental conditions. Also, such bicycles are expected to be easy, fast and uncomplicated cleaning. For example, after riding through mud, sand and dust, the bike is often cleaned with high-pressure cleaners. This resulted in a major requirement for the development of a sealing system for a bicycle bottom bracket. Here, in addition to the smooth running and corrosion resistance of the bearing, the resistance of the sealing system to high-pressure cleaners had to be taken into account.


Küpper solution

Use of a form-fitted corrosion-resistant steel sealing system with molded-on sealing lip. The design ensures permanent secure retention of the seal in the bearing even under the force of high-pressure cleaners. The innovative design of the sealing point provides an additional sealing effect through constructive labyrinths.


Customer benefits

  • Longer service life due to optimized sealing system
  • Increased corrosion resistance due to complete design with low-corrosion steels
  • High-pressure cleaner resistance of the sealing system
  • Optimized water-resistant lubricant



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