Sprockets and chain tensioning wheels according to drawing

Features - sprockets

Sprockets are machine elements, which are used for power transmission with roller chains or conveyor chains.


Design - sprockets

The sprockets are made of forged blanks (heat-treatable steel, mild steel). The design of the teeth is according to DIN 606. According to customer requirements, the teeth of the sprockets can be inductively hardened. Depending on the application, zinc coating for corrosion protection is also possible. The design of the hub is designed according to the customer's requirements and the adjacent construction.


Features - chain tensioning wheels

Chain wheels are machine elements which compensate for operational elongations of the sleeve or roller chains and ensure the smooth running of the system at high loads and speeds.


Design - chain tensioning wheels

The chain tensioning wheels consist of sprocket discs with pressed-in ball bearings. The design of the sprocket discs can be variable anlog to the sprockets.



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