Wheele flanged rollers

Features of flanged rollers

Gauge flanged rollers are designed to absorb predominantly radial forces and are comparable to deep groove ball bearings in terms of their internal structure. Due to the one-sided flange, the flanged roller enables an additional guiding function.

Gauge flanged rollers are available in single row and double row, as well as open and sealed. Due to manufacturing technology, open bearings can have recesses on the outer ring for sealing or cover washers.

The higher the flanged rollers are loaded at increasing speeds, the more the service life is reduced with a simultaneous increase in friction and bearing operating temperature. About the values for the load capacity of the bearing, our service team will be happy to provide information.


For the minimum radial load of flanged rollers, a ratio of Fr/Cr>0.01 is recommended for continuous operation. The values for the dynamic load rating Cr can be found in our product data sheets.


The dimensional and running tolerances of the flanged rollers normally correspond to the tolerance class P0 according to DIN 620-2.

Bearing Clearance

The flanged rollers are designed in the standard with the bearing clearance class CN according to DIN 620-4. Flanged rollers for the high temperature range are designed with a bearing clearance >C4.

Bore diameterC2CNC3C4
overtomin. [μm]max. [μm]min. [μm]max. [μm]min. [μm]max. [μm]min. [μm]max. [μm]


Track rim rollers are usually equipped with dust covers or RSR-.Sealing discs executed. Depending on the installation space are also Sealing systems possible.


Track rollers can be equipped with Plastic or metal cages can be equipped.


The flanged rollers are made in your standard version from the material 1.3505 (100Cr6) and manufactured with a minimum hardness of 58 HRC. On request, corrosion protected versions are available.

Wheele flanged roller


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