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Current projects

Together with our customers we develop high-quality products that are adapted to their needs. To meet the requirements, we use the adapted technology for the individual customer's application to implement market products. The projects described here show a selection of current customer problems and our solutions.

Roller circulation


Our customer from the automotiv industry is using in his chipping production tooling machines for the processing of casting parts. The function of guiding and adjustment of machine tool slide is managed by roller circulations (e.g. RUSK). These precision parts must be replaced periodically after their lifetime. Because of the fact that the original design of the roller circulation is not longer supported by the OEM our customer was looking for an alternative source of supply.
This multi component system, which contains of complex milling / turning parts and a roller chain is not a typical bearing application. However the Küpper-Team decided to take the challange and developed a solution.

Küpper solutions

By combining our experience in bearing technology and the possibilities in production and messurement we were able to find a soultion which meets not only the specification sheet but also allowed special customer whishes. Furthermore our customer could save higher costs, without necessary expensive modifications at machinery by using the original design instead of the current design on the market.

Roller circulation
roller circulation

Customer benefit

  • cost savings by simplificated maintenance
  • higher precision
  • fullfillment of special customer requierements 

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