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Roller bearing manufacturing

Turning/ milling

The path of every roller bearing from our in-house production begins in our turning workshop. Here, the contours of our roller bearing rings and components will be made according to customer requirements.

Our machine park includes several multi-spindle lathes with curve control, as well as additional NC spindles. Thus, we are positioned in the medium and large-scale production for complex workpiece geometries.

There are several CNC lathes for small and medium series production, while powered tools are also available. Milled surfaces on bolts, cross and lubrication holes can be made according to customer specifications. We produce complex milling contours and drilling patterns with the highest precision at our 5-axis CNC milling centre.

Recent investments in a new, highly productive CNC machine in a highly flexible robot cell in our milling center with parallel processing on two spindles and linear handling portal, puts us in a position to manufacture workpieces with the highest demands on accuracy, safety and economic restraints.

Whether derived from rod, sawed sections, forged or milled parts - we are equipped for the task in both small and large numbers!

automated CNC-milling machine (5-axis)
Automated 5-axial CNC milling centre
CNC-turning machine
CNC lathe

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