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Current projects

Together with our customers we develop high-quality products that are adapted to their needs. To meet the requirements, we use the adapted technology for the individual customer's application to implement market products. The projects described here show a selection of current customer problems and our solutions.

Track roller with a high-strength plastic coat


Due to increasing demands for bottling plants (speed and load capacity) in the beverage industry, it was necessary for our customer to optimize the efficiency and performance of the track rollers used in cam controls of our customer. At the same time, the tribological contact between the outer ring and track roller should be optimized so as to provide longevity with very low abrasion and without a lubricant.

Küpper solutions

Combining a tribologically optimized high-performance plastic with a specially designed track roller to match the application in the beverage industry.

optimized track roller for cam control system
Optimized track roller for cam control
Beverage industry application
Beverage industry application

Customer benefit

  • higher durability due to the reduced abrasion behavior
  • less maintenance of the cam control due to lubricant-free feature
  • improved hygienic conditions due to lubricant-free raceway
  • optimized roller bearing lubricant suitable for the food industry
  • cost-effective production process
  • the plastic coat has full form closure with the outer ring

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