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Product range

In addition to the wide range of roller bearings in our product line you can also find a large number of specialty rollers. These are supplemented by the classic thrust bearing (KT-bearing) and the custom designed chain and clamping sprockets for our customers.

Sprocket wheels and clamping sprockets according to drawing

Features - sprocket wheels

Sprocket wheels are machine elements that are used to pull roller chains or conveyor chains in load transmission.

Design- sprocket wheels

The sprockets are made out of forged blanks (quenched and tempered steel, structural steel). The sprockets are designed in accordance to DIN ISO 606 standard. Following customer request, the teeth of the sprocket wheels are induction hardened. Anti-corrosive zinc coating protection for specific applications is available. Tailor-made hub design in accordance with the adjacent construction and customer request.

Features - clamping sprockets

Clamping sprockets are machine elements, which are designed for the adjustment of based on application extension of the roller chains. They guarantee the stabilization of the whole system, under heavy load and at high speed.

Design - clamping sprockets

The clamping sprockets are composed of a sprocket plates with pressed ball bearings. The design of the sprocket plates can be analog variant in respects to the sprockets.

sprocket wheel
clamping sprocket
Clamping sprocket

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