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Hybrid roller bearings/ maintenance-free track rollers

Due to the ever-increasing requierements for the availability of machines and equipment, it is necessary to reduce the number of required maintenance intervals and to reduce the downtime for the maintenance to a minimum. With this in mind, we offer a maintenance-free generation specially developed roller bearings and track rollers. The special design of our maintenance-free products enables lifetime inspection-free usage even under extreme conditions; until now the example was a necessary regular re-lubrication. By using our hybrid bearings you can reach a higher service life in comparison to roller bearings with standard bearing steel.

Maintenance-free rollers and bearings

maintenance free roller
Maintenance-free track roller

Hybrid roller bearings/ track rollers

  • bearing rings made of roller bearing steel with ceramic rolling elements
  • the material combination makes it suitable as an insulator
  • higher bearing rigidity to the comparable 100Cr6 roller bearings
  • suitable for high speeds
  • lower operating temperatures due to less friction
  • higher lifespan due to self-lubricating effect of ceramic rolling element
  • suitable for oscillating application scenarios where no sufficient bearing lubricating film forms
  • basic configuration with frictionless steel seals
  • custom configuration with contact seals up to 200°C
hybrid bearing with ceramic rolling elements
Hybrid roller bearings with ceramic rolling elements

Please feel free to contact our service team at any time for further informations or inquiries about our hybrid roller bearings or our maintance free rollers. You can use therefor our contact form.

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