• Komponenten und Systeme

Components and Systems

By combining our roller bearings and track rollers with adjacent machine elements, we can design "Plug and Play" enabled systems. This allows a high degree of efficiency for your products in the available assembly space. Through the reduction of individual components we can create at the same time economic benefits. Thanks to the use of application-specific solutions, our customers benefit from individual products that will ensure long-term competitiveness.

Advantages of using customer-specific solutions

  • lower costs due to reduction of parts, easier installation and simplified logistics
  • synergy effects are derived through a combination of various machine elements into a single assembly
  • higher performance is gained through the effective use of the existing available space
  • integrated additional functions such as lubrication systems, measuring sensors, sealing systems
  • product identity to ensure the spare parts business

Examples of customer-specific solutions

  • track rollers with integrated inner ring bolts
  • track rollers with added cogging
  • track rollers with wear-resistant plastic coating
  • hybrid tracks roller made from mixed materials
  • combined track rollers for maximum loads
guide roller
Guide roller
symbiosis of machine elements
Symbiosis of machine elements
pressure roller
Pressure roller unit

Please feel free to contact our service team at any time for further informations or inquiries about our roller bearings and track rollers. You can use therefor our contact form.

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