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Roller bearing manufacturing

Heat treatment

An important factor in achieving longevity for the roller bearings and track rollers we produce, comes from a modern state-of-the-art hardening application that ensures optimal structure hardness. In this way, we have cooperated for many years with regularly audited partners.

The classic bearing steel 1.3505 (100Cr6) is used in most cases for our roller bearings. This bearing steel is of a classic hardness, consistent with the Martensitic micro-structure hardening process.

When heated conventionally in the annealing furnace at a raised temperature, the treated material reaches an austenitic structure. By rapid cooling of the material (i.e. in oil) austenite is transformed into martensite. We are able to reach the required hardness for our roller and bearing applications thanks to the formation of the martensitic structure.

In the area of large dynamic loads, for example, a more resistant structure is intended for special applications using our bearings and rollers. To achieve sufficient bearing strength relating to rolling track elements, only certain sections of the bearing rings are hardened. In this regard we apply an edge layer hardening through induction hardening, case hardening, or nitriding.

hardening oven
Hardening furnace

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