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Roller bearing manufacturing

Hard turning/ grinding

Quality "Made in Germany" - accordingly we have adapted further our grinding machine concept to satisfy our customers increasing requirements. No matter the project... external or internal cylindrical grinding, we make sure that our bearing rings and components meet the highest standards of quality in dimension, shape and position!

With the double-sided face grinding and centerless external cylindrical grinding machines, we set the foundation for further narrow precision grinding. We grind our geometry-dependent workpieces, roller tracks and sealing surfaces with high-precision CNC controlled machines, partly with up to 8-axes combining external and internal machining in one clamping!

In addition to machining, the focus is always on the quality assurance of the grinding machines, the lubricants and the filtration concept. A new central cooling complex plus the latest contour and surface measurement equipment ensure that the quality of our products meet the highest future requirements!

In addition to the conventional grinding, investments in state-of-the-art hard turning technology allows us to perform high-precision machining of even the most complex contours with standard rotary tools in one go!

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Hard turning
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Automated grinding

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