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Current projects

Together with our customers we develop high-quality products that are adapted to their needs. To meet the requirements, we use the adapted technology for the individual customer's application to implement market products. The projects described here show a selection of current customer problems and our solutions.

Bicycle bottom bracket with optimized seals


High-quality bicycles for world travelers and sports-minded people should above all, run well and be resistant to the adverse conditions of the track and surroundings. An easy, quick and uncomplicated cleaning solution is also expected of such bikes. So the bike is often cleaned with high pressure cleaners after being driven through mud, sand and dust. This resulted in an essential requirement in the development of a sealing system for the bicycle's bottom bracket. Here, the sealing system had to withstand high pressure cleaning, in addition to maintain flow and provide anti-corrosive protection to the unit.

Küpper solutions

Using a form-fit mounted corrosion-resistant steel sealing system with molded lip seal. The design ensures a permanent secure roller bearing seal under the force of high-pressure cleaners. The innovative seal design provides an additional sealing effect through its labyrinth form.

optimized sealing system for a bottom bracket bearing
Optimized seal for bicycle bottom bracket
optimized bracket bearing unit
Optimized pedal bearing unit

Customer benefit

  • long service life thanks to optimized sealing system
  • higher corrosion resistance through full version corrosion proof steel
  • high pressure cleaner resistant seals
  • optimized water resistant lubricant

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