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Roller bearing technology

Bearing lubricants

The choice of an optimal lubricant is a deciding factor in the longevity of a roller bearing. For many years we have been collaborating with experts and universities in the field of tribology.

Being a systems provider, we've made a commitment to assemble the appropriate components of our roller bearings in such a way as to ensure maximum durability. To confirm our experiences with our products, we conduct comparative tests on a rotational basis with various lubricants from different distributors directly at our facilities used by long-term customers.

The results achieved for practical relevance will be integrated into development projects.

The application of lubricants to our roller bearings is conducted by modern installations which apply the lubricants in precise dosages.

For roller bearings which have to be filled with special high-temperature, sensitive lubricants, we've developed a special pre-treatment process to make sure that the high-temperature lubricant adheres perfectly to the steel surface of the roller bearing.

Our lubricants will adhere to the high-temperature roller bearings even when exposed to extreme temperatures. Even at borderline temperatures the grease incorporated in our high temperature bearings doesn't escape!

bearing lubrication

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