The idlers and the rolling bearings in the mining industry are often subject to extreme product requirements. Fine abrasive dust, water, mud, heat, salts, acids and alkalis, vibrations and violent impacts are very often named here in the description of the operating conditions.

The rolling bearings and idlers of AKT are often used in the extraction of raw materials in the most remote places in the world: high in the mountains and in the deepest shafts, in seemingly endless deserts, steppes and jungles. Reliability, durability and robustness are required here - challenges that products from the house of KÜPPER have mastered with flying colors for decades.

Our products for bulk material conveyors are collected in one catalogue, which you can download as pdf-file:
For more than fifty years, we have been developing and manufacturing idlers and conveyor belt rollers that are used all over the world. In the beginning, we mainly focused on idlers for the mining and
QLR special seals for the most extreme applications of your idlers The innovative idler technology for the bulk material sector has been continuously developed in close cooperation with users. The
Idlers, idler stations and idler garlands specially designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX).