The development and manufacture of idlers as well as idler stations requires a great deal of engineering skill and creative solutions in order to meet high demands on quality and optimum structural design. Even though idlers have a basically simple design and basically consist of only a few essential components: Axle, idler shell, bearing and bearing seals. This is because the designs of the idlers must be adapted to the specific requirements of the particular application, for example in terms of load-bearing capacity, running properties, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and noise emissions. Some other components or coatings can be used to adapt to the operating conditions (see, for example, "PU support rings").

Similarly with idler stations, the "support frames" for the idlers - the quality of their design and manufacture has a very large impact on subsequent operation - and this despite the fact that in most cases the designs are in principle quite simple.

We have selected for you some examples of idler technology developments from our company, which help us to extend the service life of idlers and increase the productivity of our customers:

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