Save resources

With our products, we can help you save the following resources of your company, among others:

  • Personnel resources

By using our long-life, high-quality idlers, significantly less personnel need to be deployed to procure new idlers, monitor them in operation and replace or dispose of them in the event of defects.

  • Material Resources

When used properly in bulk material conveyors, our idlers preserve the belt - the most expensive component of the conveyor - extending their service life.

Because our AKT idlers are durable, you will save the money compared to low-cost idlers, as you will use significantly less AKT idlers in the same period of time than it would be with low-cost idlers.

In certain exceptional situations, it may also be worthwhile to repair the idlers (e.g. replacing worn support rings). Here, we are happy to support you with advice and assistance, helping you to achieve full utilization of resources.

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