Protect the environment

Saving the environment - by using optimal components

We focus on the quality and durability of our products. In addition to the numerous other benefits, such as increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it also helps to protect the environment, as significantly fewer resources are consumed in the manufacture of the relevant parts.

The reduction of sound emissions (noise) and dust emissions (due to less vibration and less wear, among other things) not only relieves the environment, but can also effectively contribute to occupational safety and make the work of your employees as well as maintenance engineers easier or more efficient.

The savings of energy consumption (see "Saving energy") can also be converted into savings of CO2.


Environmentally friendly conveying

The use of modern continuous conveyors can be made very environmentally friendly. Conveyor belt systems, which could be used as an alternative to the dump trucks unfortunately still used far too often in opencast mines, probably have particularly great potential for positive changes. This is because the conveyor belt systems require about 75% less energy compared to the dump trucks and accordingly produce significantly less CO2. They also produce significantly less dust and noise emissions. The continuous conveyors are operated with electrical energy and therefore also cause no exhaust gases and nitrogen oxides, which otherwise arise when burning diesel in the engines of the trucks and dump trucks.

That is why the use of continuous conveyors and their further development is of great importance both for the economy and for environmental protection.


With us you can protect the environment and avoid such mountains of idlers.

In bulk materials handling systems, where approximately 2,500 to 3,000 idlers are used per kilometer of conveyor line, the use of inferior or unsuitable idlers can very quickly create true mountains of worn idlers. We help you avoid such situations and increase the service life of the idlers in your conveyor systems.

Thanks to our decades of know-how in the field of idler manufacturing, our idlers in mining - probably the most challenging industry for idlers - achieve the average service life of over 10 years!




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