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Noise is harmful to human health and to the environment. Worldwide, the specifications and restrictions regarding noise emissions are therefore becoming increasingly stringent (see, for example, the Environmental Noise Directive (EU Directive 2002/49/EC)). At the same time, conveying systems are becoming more powerful and faster. Often, even the increase of the conveying capacity of existing conveyor belt systems is achieved by increasing their conveying speed. This usually leads to a further increase in noise emissions.

Approval for the construction or operation of conveyor belt systems, particularly in the vicinity of residential or nature conservation areas, depends, among other things, on whether the systems meet the locally applicable noise emission guide values.

What can we do?

The most effective way to lower noise pollution is to identify the source of the noise and take appropriate measures to reduce noise at the source. One of the sources of noise on a conveyor system is the idlers. The most important factors influencing the sound power level of the idlers are: 

  • conveyor speed,
  • surface condition of the conveyor belt (adhesions of the material, belt joints, surface damage),
  • shape accuracy of the idlers (by manufacturing accuracy as well as impurities in operation, such as caking),
  • constructive design of the idlers. 

As an idler manufacturer, we can influence the latter two factors. This is how we developed our silent idlers: high precision manufacturing combined with suitable design adjustments to dampen the vibration of the idler parts.

What were we able to achieve?

Numerous laboratory tests and field tests, conducted by us, by the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and by the TÜV Nord, prove that the use of noise-reduced KÜPPER Silent idlers under the usual operating conditions allows a reduction of the sound power level of over 20dB(A)

Such a reduction of the level is perceived like a reduction of the volume by 75%!


Through tests and measurements, we were able to determine that our KÜPPER Silent idlers cause less noise than plastic rollers. 
But they have a much longer service life and can withstand much greater loads.


What do you get out of noise reduction measures?

Reducing the noise emissions of a conveyor is important because, among other things:

  • Increases safety and productivity at work;
  • Reduces the noise level in nearby workplaces or residences;
  • May make the operation of the conveyor legally permissible in the first place (see, for example, "TA Lärm" for Germany);
  • Makes inspections and maintenance of the equipment much easier;
  • Means an improvement in working conditions;
  • Reduces the impact on nature (especially important for plants near nature reserves).


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