QLR Hybrid Seal

QLR special seals for the most extreme applications of your idlers

The innovative idler technology for the bulk material sector has been continuously developed in close cooperation with users. The patented Küpper QLR Hybrid seal has proven itself for years, even under the most extreme operating conditions.

This seal was developed specifically for the bulk material sector and ensures reliable protection of the rolling bearing against water and dust.

QLR seals enable service life of up to 10 years

By using high-quality materials for extreme loads in combination with 100% grease filling of the specially designed multi-chamber labyrinth with an integrated V-ring, service lives of up to 10 years are guaranteed.

Lowest running resistance with highest possible tightness

The special challenge for every idler seal, besides the good protection against intrusion of water and contaminants, is the need to contribute as little as possible to the running resistance of the idler. For this reason, the QLR Hybrid seal uses components that are matched to each other with particularly low friction. This not only reduces the wear of the idlers (and the conveyor belt!), but also ensures the reduction of energy consumption of the entire conveyor system.

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