Idler production

Our production of idlers, idler stations and drums is based on modern technologies to achieve the highest precision, process reliability, transparency and efficiency. From raw material sourcing to packing and shipping to our customers, we run through a complete production cycle. We manufacture exclusively on an order-by-order basis.

The most essential steps of the roll production are thereby "turning", „Schweißen“, Applying the "coatings and coverings" and "assembly". The "individual labeling" is an indispensable part of our "Qualitätssicherung“.

The production of idlers, idler stations and drums requires a lot of expertise and experience to meet our customers' requirements and ensure the highest quality. The long service life of our products is proof that we have mastered the necessary know-how. Our satisfied customers all over the world are happy to confirm this.

We are proud to ensure the highest quality and reliability through our production of idlers and idler stations, thus increasing the productivity of our customers.

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