Coatings and coverings

In addition to the usual coverings such as rubber or polyurethane rings, we also offer rollers and drums with vulcanized rubber coating, with encapsulated polyurethane coating or with ceramic coating.

Vulcanized rubber coating

This type of coating is particularly often used for the idlers of the feed points (feed rollers) in bulk material conveyor belt systems. It is well suited as a much more durable alternative to the standard buffer rings.

But the vulcanized rubber coating has some important properties, which makes it a popular choice for general cargo conveying: it is elastic, damping, and has good traction or grip.


Ceramic coating

This type of coating is used for highly loaded rollers (e.g. deflection rollers) and drums when particularly high wear protection is required. It is not only over 60 times more wear resistant compared to mild steel S235, but also chemically inert and thus brings excellent corrosion protection.

More details can be found here.

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