Special roles

Special circumstances require special idlers, rollers with properties that go far beyond the norm. Exactly in these extreme areas we feel at home, your task is our challenge.

You need idlers with special properties? We will be happy to offer you idlers or develop them especially for you!

No matter what properties are to be modified, we develop and manufacture your idler solution:

  • Support rollers with special geometries
  • Support rollers for special thermal properties (heat-resistant or frost-resistant support rollers)
  • Antimagnetic support rollers
  • Stainless steel rollers
  • Fully encapsulated corrosion-resistant carrying rollers
  • Rubberized carrying rollers
  • Galvanized carrying rollers
  • Cleaning rollers / tapping rollers / spiral rollers
  • Antistatic carrying rollers (ATEX)
  • Composite rollers (plastic rollers)
  • Reduced wear carrying rollers (e.g. by ceramic coating)
  • Rolls for belt scales / belt scale rollers / balanced rollers
  • Rolls for conveyor systems with food approval
  • Noise-reduced idlers (Silent Rollers) / rollers with noise reduction
  • Carrying rollers with flanged discs
  • Free-form rollers (Anti-Runback Rollers)
  • Carrying rollers for underground operation/underground carrying rollers - we have the approval!
  • Reduced Weight Rollers / Lightweight Rollers
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