ATEX idler

Explosion-proof idlers, garlands and stations

We are also happy to offer you idlers, idler stations and idler garlands specially designed for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX). We enclose a corresponding declaration of conformity according to EC Directive 2014/34/EU with the correspondingly marked products.

The testing of the leakage resistances to ensure the electrical conductivity of the idlers and stations is carried out for all components used by our quality assurance. This concerns not only classic idlers with steel mahntel, but also idlers with lining or rings made of elastic materials such as rubber or polyurethane.

In addition, our idlers, idler garlands and idler stations have the necessary approvals for operation underground.



Our products meet the requirements of the following protection class when properly installed in the overall system:


I M2:

Equipment group I: equipment for use in mining; equipment category M2


ignition protection type "constructive safety" according to DIN EN ISO 80079-37

Mb / Gb / Db

Equipment Protection Level (EPL)


In the event of the occurrence of the hazardous explosive atmosphere, the equipment shall shut itself down


Designation of component

II 2:

Equipment Group II: Equipment for applications other than mining; equipment category 2


Explosive atmospheres caused by involved gases, vapors, or mists atmosphere


Explosive atmosphere caused by involved dusts


for gases, vapors, and mists of gas group IIB


for Group IIIC dusts


suitable for media with a self-ignition temperature > 135°C according to temperature class T4


The maximum surface temperature in operation considering safety factors according to 
DIN EN ISO 80079-36 is 135°C

-35°C ≤ Ta ≤ +50°C:

The allowable ambient temperature for operation is a minimum of -35°C and a maximum of +50°C


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