Idler quality

Quality of idlers

In larger conveyor systems, thousands of idlers are in continuous use - often under extreme conditions. This fact alone results in the demand for maximum availability of each individual roller. Downtime, especially unplanned downtime, can significantly reduce the profitability of conveyor systems. Idler failures can trigger such downtimes - even if only a single idler out of thousands fails! Therefore, it is important to keep the number of idler failures as low as possible, which in turn means the demand for the longest possible service life and high quality of idlers.

Our idlers, drums, stations and garlands for bulk materials handling systems meet this requirement - for many years.

Whether lignite mining in Germany or Thailand, various shafts, sand and gravel pits in Eastern Europe, copper mines in Chile or iron ore mines in Brazil and Australia - hundreds of belt conveyor systems with our idlers are in use worldwide - even under extremely unfavorable operating conditions. In the German lignite mining areas, we are among the market leaders for idlers.

Our standard range includes all types of idlers as well as complete stations and idler garlands for belt conveyors with belt widths of up to 3,200 mm. Thanks to our 90 years of know-how in the field of idler and roller bearing technology, we can supply solutions for a wide range of applications.

Quality means a lot to us. "Made in Germany" is and remains a leitmotif and a central message of Artur Küpper GmbH & Co. KG.

High quality of our idlers - In use worldwide. Iron ore mining in Australia.


Technology as the basis of the success of our idlers

In essence, it is the following technology building blocks that form the basis of the success of our idlers:

1. Reliable seals

A patented labyrinth seal developed by us creates the prerequisite for trouble-free operation even under extreme ambient conditions (see QLR Hybrid seal). It provides very good protection against both water and dust (see laboratory and field tests).

If the operating conditions are particularly demanding, then we use additional sealing or protective elements:

  • Roll Protector - additional elastic seal to increase protection against dust particles. It extends the service life of the QLR seal. 
  • "Weather shield" - to protect against blocking of the rollers due to jamming of individual stones between the station and the rotating face of the idler. By installing the fixed weather shield, the risk of jamming is almost completely eliminated.
  • Dust cover and rain cap - they form an additional sealing assembly for protection in extreme conditions. 
  • Customized special solutions - in exceptional cases, other additional elements are useful (eg when cleaning with high-pressure cleaners). These we can develop for you application-oriented.

2. Optimized bearings 

For the manufacture of the idlers, we use AKT bearings as standard, which have been specially adapted in design for use in the idlers:

  • adaptations of the bearing geometry;
  • properties and quantity (60% of the free bearing volume) of the grease;
  • design and material of the bearing cages for increased service life and improved emergency running properties;
  • seals on both sides (Z-disks).

3. Suitable materials and high quality of idler components and linings

All semi-finished products and parts are purchased according to appropriate standards and subjected to strict quality controls upon delivery. For many purchased materials, e.g. for the tubes, our own factory standards apply, which further restrict the specifications of the generally applicable standards (see material procurement and cutting).

4. Application-related calculations and constructive design

Both the manufacture and constructive design of the idlers and the corresponding calculations are always carried out by us on an order-related basis and therefore also application-related. We make sure that our idlers fit your conveyor systems.

5. Precise and reliable manufacturing

Every step of our manufacturing and quality assurance is carefully considered and weighed - always aiming at highest quality and customer satisfaction.

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