Modern calculation methods

We always use modern calculation methods. With the help of the self-developed calculation tools, we calculate, for example, our idlers for conveyor belt systems according to VDI2341 quickly and reliably.

We take into account the latest experience and trends of development in the field of idler manufacturing not only from Europe, but from all over the world: you need an idler according to CEMA? - We will be happy to offer it to you!


If required, we also use the (optimized) software tool "QNK", which was specially developed for our applications. It enables detailed simulation of the forces acting on a idler as a result of the respective load, design of conveyor belt systems with individual routing taking into account the resistance to movement in accordance with DIN 22101, calculation of the necessary belt pretensioning force, and verification of the belt strength.

Of course, we also perform calculations according to the finite element method (FEM) if required. This method is a very powerful simulation tool for solving linear and nonlinear tasks.

The processing of physical tasks from the areas of strength, deformation, friction, heat conduction as well as fluid flow with the help of FEM provides enormous assistance in the design of idlers and idler stations.


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