Heavy Duty Feed Garlands

In conveyor belt systems, the greatest loads on the idlers probably occur in the feed areas - where the bulk material is fed onto the belt. It is not uncommon for the feed height to exceed 5.0m. In some plants, even larger lumps weighing up to 1.5t can occur. In combination with the mass flow of up to 40,000t/h, this causes high dynamic stress on all components of the conveyor in the feed area - but especially on the idlers that carry the belt.

In order to distribute the occurring loads between several idlers and thus reduce them, one installs the idler stations in this area at the minimum possible distance from each other. However, this measure leads to the next challenge: quick idler replacement often becomes much more complicated due to the structural situation.

For our customers in the mining industry in Germany, Australia and Brazil, we have developed our Heavy Duty Feed Garlands. With the unique 3-part damping system (1. Mobility of the garland; 2. Rubber coating of the rollers; 3. Special dampers in the suspension), the high force impacts are evenly distributed and guarantee a long and reliable durability of the components in the feeding area. Our KÜPPER Heavy Duty Feed Garlands can be installed in any conveyor system: regardless of whether garlands or fixed idler stations were previously used.



At the same time, a quick garland change is no longer a problem at all when using the garland changing device matched to the design of the garlands! A KÜPPER Heavy Duty garland can be changed in about 10-15 minutes (with a team of four employees equipped with two changing devices). See for yourself: Link video garland changing device.

On the picture below you can see our KÜPPER Heavy Duty feed garlands with attached quick-change devices:



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