Idler garlands

There are two fundamentally different ways of fixing the idlers in the conveyor system:

  • In the first variant, the idlers are given absolutely fixed positions by being inserted into the corresponding cutouts of the stations (smaller steel frame for holding the idlers). Such idlers are also called "insert rollers".
  • In the second variant, the idlers are articulated together and then attached to the steel structures of the conveyor. Several idlers articulated together are called " idler garland". This variant allows the idlers to have certain mobility in the transverse direction to the conveying direction. The idlers of this type are called "garland rollers".

The connection of the idlers in a garland among themselves is similar to the chain links. Most often, even the chain links of standard chains are used to connect individual idlers to a garland.

The support frames hold the garlands in position. In this regard, there are several different types of garland hangers, which are used to attach the idler garlands to the supporting frameworks.

Idler garlands suspended in the shoring during assembly of new conveyor line


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