PU roller covering

If the environment is particularly corrosive, the risk of formation of caking is particularly high, then you can use PU roller coating - a form of coating, which is poured on the shell surface of the roller in a special mold. For maximum corrosion protection, up to 100% of the metallic surfaces of the rotating parts of the roller can be covered with polyurethane.

Application as a lower belt roller

When used in the lower belt of a conveyor belt system, a load roller with PU roller covering has basically all the advantages of a load roller with PU backing rings. However, compared to the support rings, the cast PU roller lining can be loaded with even higher radial forces and also offers the best possible corrosion protection.

In addition, the "support rings" produced in the casting process are not under tension and are firmly bonded to the surface of the idler roller shell. This increases the emergency running properties of the idler in the event of extremely advanced wear of the rings - the PU coating can be slowly almost completely closed without individual parts of it can be detached from the idler shell.

Overview of the properties:

  • Best possible protection against corrosion;
  • Reduction of the movement resistance of the belt (due to indentation rolling resistance);
  • Damping of belt vibrations;
  • Reduction of noise emissions due to idler operation;
  • Reduction of the idler weight and especially the rotating masses of the idler;
  • Visualization of the wear of the idler running surfaces to simplify maintenance;
  • Compared to standard rubber products a service life extension under the same operating conditions by a factor of five;
  • Material: KÜPPER special compound, abrasion 20mm³ (DIN 53516);
  • Reduction of the running resistance by a factor of two compared to rubber products;
  • Polyurethane is self-extinguishing;
  • Lower heat generation due to less flexing work in the material compared to rubber;
  • Improved emergency running properties compared to idlers with support rings fitted;
  • Higher radial loads permitted than for rollers with support rings.

Universal application

PU lining can also be used in other applications for idlers. This we recommend when high level of corrosion protection or protection against caking are required. Or when the radial loads are too high to use support ring geometry - e.g. in the upper run of a conveyor belt system. Depending on the application, we can use different PU compounds with specific adaptation of the material properties.


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