Advantages of garlands

Advantages of Garlands

The idler garlands have numerous significant advantages compared to the fixed idler stations. The most important advantages of the garlands result from their properties:

Property of the idler garlandsThe following advantages
Possibility of fast and uncomplicated lowering of individual garlands during operation upon discovery of a defect in the idlers (eg. with hot runners)
  • Avoidance of unplanned shutdowns --.Higher efficiency of the conveyor
  • Lower risk of belt damage (immediate reaction of personnel possible upon detection of a defect)
Adaptive geometry of the festoons
  • Lower risk of belt skewing and spillage when the material is fed off-center
  • Damping of dynamic loads (impacts by lumps and coarse-grained bulk material) -.-> Longer idler life and alleviation of loads on steel structures
  • More suitable for back-loading conveyor belt systems
Belt lifting for idler change not necessary
  • Short time for garland change (also in feeding area) of approx. 5-10 minutes per garland --> Higher efficiency of the conveyor
No stations (steel frames to hold the idlers) necessary as a rule, simpler steel girder geometry
  • No wear of the idlers due to accumulations of the bulk material on the girders of the stations
  • Lighter constructions --> Cost and weight saving
  • Efficient installation of additional suspensions resp. buffers possible (see "Feed Garlands" and "Intelligent Garland").

However, there are of course certain disadvantages or limits to the useful application that apply to the use of garlands.

So the garlands can lead to increase in running resistance and wear when the conveyor is inclined (for example, in vertical curves). Therefore, the garlands should not be installed, or not without appropriate countermeasures, in such gates of the conveyor.

Also with the smaller belt widths, the use of the garlands is worth rather little: here you would need additional aids for the garland change, while the insert rollers still have relatively handy sizes and weights and can therefore be changed with relatively little effort.

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