Guide rollers

The guide rollers are used in both the bulk material and unit load conveying systems.

In conveyor belt systems, they are mostly installed as a safeguard in case of belt misalignment. This prevents the damage due to the belt misalignment, such as damage to the adjacent structures, destruction of the belt edges and so on. The belt misalignment can then progress only to a certain extent, which is firmly defined by the installation position and geometry of the guide rollers. It is important to understand that this measure cannot eliminate belt misalignment and is only an emergency backup.

All Zetrierstationen from our assortment are ebenfalst equipped with guide rollers.

In corrugated edge conveyors (also called steep belt conveyors, Z-conveyors, vertical conveyors), these rollers are also used as support rollers and hold the conveyor belt in position.

In the unit load conveyors, the guide rollers can be used to guide or steer the unit load laterally.


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