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Idlers and conveyor belt rollers

For more than fifty years, we have been developing and manufacturing idlers and conveyor belt rollers for use worldwide.

In the beginning we mainly focused on rollers for the mining and primary industries, i.e. for bulk materials.
Today, with an increasing automation of material flow technology, a large proportion of the product portfolio are the individual solutions for the transport of general cargo.

Many product versions are available for both the Bulk Material and the Lump Material fields.
Our engineers develop tailor-made roller designs for every application to guarantee a smooth and efficient operation of your conveyor system.
You can find overviews of the numerous options for both fields of application at the following links:

BULK MATERIAL HANDLING                                                   LUMP MATERIAL

Our idlers and conveyor belt rollers are characterized by high quality, durability and superior rolling features, perfect for both areas of application.
Idlers and conveyor belt rollers

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