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Roller bearing technology

Roller bearing design

The selection of rolling bearing type suitable for an application depends on many different parameters. Not everything can be calculated in advance. Because even if the load and rotational speed are known, additional factors such as temperature, vibration, and condition of the lubricant must be taken into account. Particular factors such as impurities can significantly reduce the roller bearing's service life and be assessed more precisely only by means of extensive experience.

The following factors are required for the correct design and measurement of rolling bearings:

  • Radial force
  • Axial force
  • Load direction
  • Rpm / velocity
  • Temperature
  • Target service life
  • Deflection and inclination of the shaft or axle
  • Moisture
  • Degree of contamination
  • Vibrations
  • Application-specific requirements
  • Environmental influences
  • Specific installation situation

A distinction is drawn in the dimensions of rolling bearings from whether the stock will be loaded dynamically or statically. Rotating rolling bearings are loaded dynamically. Static load exists when the bearings run simple pivoting up to 180 degrees, or are subjected to resting. The static load capacity of the bearing is higher than the dynamic load.

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